14:00 - Registration
15:00 - AES Serbia public meeting​
17:00 - Keynote: Larry Sider,The School of Sound
18:30 - Aldo Lamanna,Steinberg
20:00 - Mark Mangini, award-winning film sound mixer

Audio Forum is an annual event for professionals and enthusiasts from the field of audio production. Unlike before, Audio Forum 2018 will be hosted in "Parobrod" cultural center in Belgrade for more than 100 visitors; 50 visitors more than previous years!​​​

Aleksandar Manja
Event Manager



Second day schedule will be available soon.

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Dino Dolničar
Project Coordinator

Nikola Divić  (live, on-site)

CTO at Soniq Project, one of the partners of this year's Audio Forum 2018. Soniq's upcoming innovative blockchain platform aims to affirm musicians and musical talents.

Maximilien Simard-Poirier  (live via video call)

As Sound Designer/Developer Relations at Audiokinetic,
Maximilien is reaching out to the audio community to present the uniqueness of game audio middleware called WWISE.

Mark Mangini  (live via video call)

A 2015 Academy award winner for Best Sound Editing in Mad Max: Fury Road

Larry Sider  (live, on-site)

Director of The School of Sound, London UK and former Head of Post-Production at NFTS, UK.

SAE Institute

Danica Bojić
Project Author

Dejan Pejović
Program Direc

16-17. 11. 2018. | UK PAROBROD | BEOGRAD

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Soniq Project

Most valuable assets of every Audio Forum conference are its speakers: 
Grammy and Oscar award winners, experts with Holywood experience, and  professionals from former Yugoslavia.
It's a great opportunity to finally ask all those questions you've always had.

Slate Digital Virtual Recording Studio (live, at FDU)

Hands-on recording session with a live band
Bonus day of Audio Forum 2018: Recording session showcasing Slate Digital Virtual Recording Studio system at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, on November 18th 2018.

Sylvia Massy  (live via video call)

Sylvia is an American music producer, known for her involvement with musicians such as Prince, System of a Down, Aerosmith, Tool, R.E.M, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.


DAY 1 | 16. 11. 2018.


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Ben Minto  (live via video call)

Audio director at Electronic Arts DICE studio, known for titles from Burnout to Star Wars: Battlefront

Aldo Lamanna  (live, on-site)

Product Specialist, MI & Professional Audio

at Steinberg Media Technologies